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After School Program For Kids

Kids After School Program

Kids Martial Arts After School Program

ZombieProof is super excited to offer our Kids Martial Arts After School Program to children in the Sydney Nova Scotia and surrounding area. We offer FREE pick-up from your child’s school in most areas in around Sydney and take them straight to our ZombieProof Academy. WOW!!! That’s right, you read that correctly, we go right to your child’s school and pick them up for free!!!

Don’t be fooled, this is NOT a daycare! This is a REAL Kids Martial Arts After School Program that will teach your child important life skills such as respect for others, confidence, self-respect, discipline, focus, teamwork, and proven Bully Proofing skills. We pick up your child after school every day in our ZombieProof After School Van and bring them back to our facility until 5:30 pm. Our After School Program is for children of any fitness level!!

After School Program Kids Martial Arts

Upon arriving at ZombieProof your child will settle in with some homework and a snack, followed by physical activities and challenging brain building games. At 4 pm they put on their uniform and enjoy some free play before their hour long Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo classes. Bullying, Physical Fitness, A Challenging New Hobby are the 3 most common responses we receive from parents when we are finding out why they have contacted us. LUCKY FOR THEM we offer all 3 and more!!!

Kids Martial Arts After School Program Ad
ZombieProof After School Program Mentors
Kids Martial Arts After School Program

Your child will become BullyProof!!! The confidence that is brought out of a child who is participating in a legitimate martial art like BJJ or Judo is unbelievable. These 2 styles are proven effective as methods of self-defence as they utilise leverage and intelligence over power and brute force. What’s more WE DO NOT HIT!!! We would much rather see an issue be resolved with a gentle hold down until a teacher comes to assist. We can promise you one thing, our Kids Martial Arts After School Program WILL change your child’s life!!

At ZombieProof Mixed Martial Arts Training Academy we offer:

Part time (2/3 days) and

Full time (5 days) Kids Martial Arts After School Programs.

Our programs are structured well and you kids will absolutely love them.

Don’t forget that we pick up your child from school and bring them straight to our Academy.


Both of our part/full time After School Programs include the following activities:

1 hour of free play with activities such as soccer, chess, reading, board games, mini sticks, brain training exercises like rubix cube lessons, etc

Dedicated homework time and snack time

1 hour of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons every day

Your children will learn the following:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills that will keep them safe both physically and mentally.

Life skills required to excel in all aspects of society.

How to carry themselves with a confidence that will take them safely through life with their head held high.

Healthier active lifestyle.



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