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Kids Martial Arts Training

Kids Martial Arts Training

ZombieProof Kids Martial Arts Training

Our Kids Martial Arts Training at ZombieProof is comprised of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling. One of the more popular styles we teach is jiu-jitsu.

Our ZombieProof Jiu-jitsu classes teach children so much about themselves and life that it really should be mandatory.

During a typical class they will do warm ups made up of games and movements that will aid them in their jiu-jitsu journey. There is also technical portions where they learn different techniques from the style, drill and practice the techniques against a training partner, followed by rolling.

Rolling is a controlled environment where they get to safely try the techniques they learned against another child who is attempting the same stuff, PROBLEM SOLVING 101!!!

Kids Martial Arts Training

These children are learning what their body is capable of in a situation where no one gets hurt and they are at the same time learning that the use of physical behavior is unacceptable unless they’re training their jiu-jitsu or defending themselves. Jiu-jitsu teaches leverage and technique over strength, the smaller and weaker person can still come out as the winner. When your child learns the principles of body leverage size doesn’t matter, this changes the way they see the world.

Quite often we notice that the children in our Kids Martial Arts Training Program show an overwhelming increase in confidence, the child may walk in shoulders slung forward with their head down, but after a short time in our class you’ll notice shoulders pull back and theirs heads are held high. Confidence is such and amazing thing to give a child, it truly will change their lives

You will NEVER have to talk to your kid about a situation where they are being bullied physically or mentally again. Our Kids Martial Arts Training Program teaches children how to properly deal with issues, problem solve and also how to defend themselves in real life situations. Your children will no longer become a victims of bullying and the bully will quickly find that there is no reward anymore.

Our Kids Martial Arts Training will help promote your child’s development, not only physically, but also socially and emotionally. The control and management of aggressiveness are important assets in children with symptoms of depression and behavioral disturbances, and participating in jiu-jitsu classes in a balanced manner can help him/her cope and accept these more delicate emotions.”

The wrestling portion of our program is embedded in both styles offered as classes, we practice takedowns, pins, and escapes as part of our core for both jiu-jitsu and judo.

Our other popular kids martial arts training style is Judo, judo and jujitsu are very similar in the skills they provide children, which is why we focus on them as our core. With judo children focus more on standing techniques, whereas Jiu-jistu is mainly techniques on the ground, the two styles combined make a super martial art. Classes are structured the same as the jujitsu class and like jiu-jitsu the benefits of judo are numerous, children gain fitness, strength, stamina, balance, agility, and awareness.

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