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Muay Thai Martial Arts Training

Muay Thai Martial Arts Training

ZombieProof Muay Thai Martial Arts Training

Intro Muay Thai Martial Arts Training at ZombieProof is an intense way to learn self defence, have fun, and get in good shape, in one enjoyable workout. Classes start with a brisk warm-up followed by daily techniques taught then drilled for rounds with a partner, in class we work kicks, punches, knees, and elbows in combination safely in a controlled environment using proper protective gear.

Originating in Thailand, Muay Thai Martial Arts is made up of kicks, punches, knees, elbow strikes, and clinch work using the fists, elbows, knees, and shins which makes it a very compete stand up striking art. Muay Thai became widespread internationally in recent years, when practitioners defeated notable fighters of other less effective styles. The clear dominance of Muay Thai over other standing arts in MMA has made it a stand out choice for striking, when mixed with wrestling and BJJ it creates a very formidable fighter

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If you have been thinking about trying Muay Thai Martial Arts or any style at a legit gym, chances are you may be intimidated but let me put that issue quickly to rest. During our intro class there is zero sparring, no one is trying to hurt you, and there are no muscle heads trying to prove how strong they are.

Everyone is class is there for exact same reason, to become better than they use to be. Training in martial arts is a constant journey towards self improvement and self mastery, nothing is as satisfactory as knowing you are going to bed a better version of yourself then how you woke that morning.

Our Muay Thai Martial Arts Training class is co-ed and usually filled equally 50/50 with men and woman of all fitness levels looking to better themselves. We focus on form and technique over power and we aim to improve your understanding of this beautiful art from the ground up, a beautiful house requires a solid foundation.



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