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I have been training at ZombieProof for the past 6 months. It is nothing but pure fun and an excellent cardio workout after a long day at the hospital. Kent has a special knack for instructing and pays attention to all students, regardless of their experience level. The environment is extremely respectful, professional, and cooperative embodying the true spirit of martial arts. I will remain a loyal student and wish Kent all the best in the opening of his new location.

Dr. Sabe De

My son is Dylan Taylor who is a great child. He since he was born has been talked about and stereotyped for what is ethnic background is. This has even been brought over to school,kids in primary didn’t know the difference they just called him the black kid. As years went on kids and society has gotten worse and “the black kid” became “the sand kid””indian boy”. He has been beat up, called every name in the book, cultural racial slurs.

He has a very hard time making and keeping friends as a result of this. Dylan has always had a love for wrestling and fighting, I was always skeptical on putting him into any extra cirrcular because he is ADHD and doesn’t know when enough is enough and very hyper. But I have been hearing good things about ZombieProof so decided to contact Kent and set up for Dylan to join in on a class to see what he thinks.

With what I knew and what I’ve been dealing with this would be perfect,it teaches discipline, teaches to defend against bullys at school. His first class went amazing,I was very impressed in the students and instructors, Dylan can be Dylan there, he’s not classified anything but Dylan or as he nicknamed himself “Chocolate Thundar” he put a lot of thought into that thinking that if he succeeds and is a fighter or wrestler or anything when they announce him it will sound cool.

The instructors refer to him as “CT” which he is ok with. Dylans been at ZombieProof now for a few weeks and he is doing amazing, he’s had no issues at school with bullying and has even made a few friends at Zombie Proof which was one of the things he struggled with. I can not wait to see my son go forward and continue in this maritial art and become a great man as many of the instructors at this school.

Leanne Taylor

I joined ZombieProof Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA in August 2011, and it just clicked automatically. The head coach Kent Peters, the training partners, the atmosphere, the fitness aspect plus self-defense and competition, it’s just an amazing place for anyone who loves challenges and a great experience. And who doesn’t? I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to evolve to a better version of themselves.

Jon McKinnon

I could tell you all how great the martial arts classes are at ZombieProof, but everyone already knows we are THE BEST. I would rather tell you about how amazing of an influence Kent Peters (Owner/Head Coach/Wizard) has been to me … I moved to Sydney from Ontario with kickboxing experience looking to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when in was 17. I came here as a normal kid. Low self-confidence, poor social skills, and lack of plans for my future.

Since meeting Kent, my confidence in myself has improved 100% and my people skills have drastically increased. Kent has taught me the value in goals, I now write out multiple goals daily and keep them in my pocket wherever I go. Reading self-help books is largely encouraged, to the point where he has me reading a book per week. I’ve read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (a must read for anyone who cares about their life) 5 times, and listened to the audio book multiple times.

In my free time I study Sales and Marketing. I now consider myself smarter in the important aspects of life then most people double my age. Basically what I am saying is, Kent Peters is an amazing role model for kids, teens, and adults. Come down to ZombieProof for your 30 Days Free, learn some awesome martial arts techniques, and keep an ear open for one of the best, if not the best, role models in the world … Osssssss.

Michael Spoenlein

ZombieProof Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu is the best martial arts class that I have found, that I would enroll my children in. Kent and his staff helped our children in so many ways, not only in self-defense but in self confidence and respect. They even go above and beyond, Kent and his staff take there time and do alot one on one time with kids and treat all the children like their family. I wouldn’t recommend any other martial arts program but ZombieProof to anyone. So if you want your children to go to a place that feels like home ZombieProof is the place to be.

Garrie Waldron

When I first joined ZombieProof, I was an out of shape, overweight, and uncoordinated person. I weighed over 270 pounds. Since then, I’ve shrunk as ZombieProof grew. I’ve lost over 65 pounds training at ZombieProof alone. Kent Peters not only helps you with training martial arts, he also cares very much about all his students. It was with his help that I lost a vast amount of weight and improved my life significantly. I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had at ZombieProof for any sum of money. The weight I’ve lost and the family and confidence I’ve gained are priceless. If you want to significantly improve your life, I suggest joining ZombieProof mixed martial arts in Sydney immediately.

Dave Cann


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