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Womens Fitness Training BootCamp Class

The New You Womens Fitness Training BootCamp class is an exciting mix of fitness, fun, and martial arts techniques adapted in such a way that you learn while you lose weight.

We strive to tighten your target areas and are always happy to have new people come down and check us out. New Year New You can be your slogan all year long as our team at ZombieProof pushes you to become the person you know you can be, the person you should be.

Each class is different and specially geared to work a specific body part to exhaustion, while at the same time always ensuring you get a full body burn. Beginning a training routine at the New You BootCamp is a sure fire way to begin the transformation and keep up the motivation to see it through to a newer healthier lifestyle.

Womens Fitness Training Class

Our supportive team is ready to help you face your challenges, team work makes the dream work, has always been our motto. We know that starting a weight loss program can be intimidating but while in our New You Womens Fitness Training BootCamp class we encourage you, push you to your physical limits and work with you to meet your end goal. Many women in our fitness class love how comfortable the atmosphere is and we take that seriously.

For as low as 69/mo you can join our New You Womens Fitness Training BootCamp class, begin to start changing your life, live a happier healthier lifestyle and enjoy that new body you always wanted. Don’t wait another day, get on the path towards a new you NOW!



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