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ZombieProof Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts

Blending The Best Aspects Of Fitness And Self-Defense

ZombieProof is the top Mixed Martial Arts Training Academy on Cape Breton Island. We are a team of qualified professionals who teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Wrestling classes. We truly have something for everyone, with an incredible Kids Martial Arts and Kids After School Program and even a Women's Fitness NewYou BootCamp Class! We are proud to train men and women of all skill levels and abilities and we're committed to helping you improve your skills one step at a time. Join us in Sydney today and see how our classes can make a difference in your life!

Our Expert Team

Our expert instructors teach you and/or your child valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline, self-defense, goal setting & leadership to push you to reach your goals!


Our Core Values

Our core values are built upon hard work and respect. We create an healthy & safe environment and mentor our clients to take personal responsibility for their results.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing innovative, relevant, sustainable and accessible Martial Arts and Fitness programs that empower our students for life.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a fitness environment that will be supportive, passionate, safe & full of integrity while promoting excellence and fitness in our community

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Martial Arts Sydney

Kids Martial Arts

Martial Arts Sydney

ZombieProof Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts

Meet our Instructors

Martial Arts Sydney

It's a legit school with a great attitude and professor who lives, eats and breathes B.J.J. Sydney is lucky to have a place like this. .... Read more

Daniel H.

Martial Arts Sydney

Had a great experience, on my first day they made me feel right at home, don't have to worry about feeling out of place! Worth signing up for sure!!! .... Read more

Brett P.

Martial Arts Sydney

I can’t say enough awesome things about ZombieProof. Students always have a good time and respect and support each other. The coaches there are second to none. They not only teach all the important technical elements of martial arts, but also the equally essential respectful elements. Even if .... Read more

Krista L.

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