ZombieProof Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews

  • Martial Arts Sydney

    It's a legit school with a great attitude and professor who lives, eats and breathes B.J.J.  Sydney is lucky to have a place like this.

    Daniel H.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Had a great experience, on my first day they made me feel right at home, don't have to worry about feeling out of place! Worth signing up for sure!!!

    Brett P.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    I can’t say enough awesome things about ZombieProof. Students always have a good time and respect and support each other. The coaches there are second to none. They not only teach all the important technical elements of martial arts, but also the equally essential respectful elements. Even if you have no prior martial arts experience, you will be shown everything with patience and enthusiasm. ZombieProof is a great place for both adults and children to learn about martial arts, to learn about personal limits, and to meet genuinely interesting people. Join, you will not be disappointed. 

    Krista L.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    World class technique. Great atmosphere, great workout & lots of fun.

    Nick N.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Absolutely amazing place ! Best thing I could have ever done for my son was enroll him there ! He has only started a few months ago but the change in him is incredible ! The staff are friendly and very patient ! Incredible place and so warm and welcoming ! I recommend enrolling your children if you can 😊

    Terri H.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    ZombieProof Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial arts is a true life changer! Kent Peters is a great coach both on the mats and off of them. ZombieProof builds self-confidence, skills and champions. Kent and his team have not only helped me make strides in my jiu-jitsu skills, but they have also helped and supported me in my own personal goals as well. 

    Give this friendly and welcoming gym a try! The support that you get in this very educational atmosphere is amazing! 

    Brandon E.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    I walked into Zombieproof nervous and unsure.. left feeling like a whole new person. Incredible experience and amazing staff!

    Celeste A.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    I was warmly welcomed into the family of teachers, students and now friends at ZombieProof almost a year and a half ago.After the usual procrastinating and promising  myself "I'll start next month" or questioning "Am I in good enough shape for this?" Or being anxious that I'm going to go in there and have my butt kicked or.....(insert  excuse here).... I finally sucked it up and walked through the doors. In my 32 years of life this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. ZombieProof is owned and operated by some of the most knowledgeable, helpful and artistic individuals I have ever met and the combination of their skills and personalities creates a very effective team oriented program that is second to none. 

    I was at work today and a client noticed my ZombieProof hoodie and mentioned that his son was being bullied at school. He asked me if his son joined the jiu jitsu class would he be able to beat up the bullies? I told him that if his son joins the jiu jitsu class he won't have to beat up  bullies. I feel that the lessons he will learn and the amount of self respect he would gain at ZombieProof would have him defending bullies using nothing more than the confident way in which he carries himself. Even though he will have the skills he needs to protect himself from people twice his size, it's most likely the only time he will use it is in training or competition situations.

    My experience so far has been humbling, inspirational and essential for my physical well being. I could talk for hours about the benefits of participating at ZombieProof but instead I will just say this... Sometimes I get busy with life and find myself missing classes for a while and when I do, I can feel myself becoming less of the person I strive to be.

    If you are thinking about joining or enrolling your kids, DO IT NOW! I took advantage of the 30 days free offer and my only regret is not starting sooner !

    Mark S.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Thank you ZombieProof for helping us out tonight at Healthy Touch Massage Therapy...we so appreciated it!

    Sandra S.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    ZombieProof BJJ is one of the best martial arts schools around. The jiu jitsu instruction from Kent Peters is second to none. It is a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. From the busy physician (myself) to the up and coming future MMA star, ZP has something for everyone and everyone is dedicated to having fun and progressing together. I cannot say enough good things about this place!

    Sabe D.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    The best thing I have ever done for myself recently was taking classes here. In 6 short months, I've lost 30 lbs, and have way more confidence in myself. I look forward to each and every class. And best of all everyone is friendly and helpful.

    Lin S.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Top shelf quality training, staff and members!

    Steve S.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    My experience at zombie proof has been one of the best by far, nothing but great vibes and attitudes, since the moment I stepped in the doors i felt at ease. Kents a great guy, very approachable and so is the rest of the team I highly recommend anyone to join zombie proof if your looking for a kick a#% time; zombie proof till we meet again. #BJJ

    Spencer G.
  • Amazing club, great sense of team, community, and spirit. Produces great athletes!!

    Erin M.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Trained here on the way through Sydney, Kent is a friendly bloke, also had some excellent sparring with Connor and Liam(right names I hope!). Top notch positive vibes going on here, and clean and friendly. Thanks guys, might see you again!

    Alex M.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    I Love this place! Been training here for about 7 months and I can't get enough of it!! Kent is an awesome instructor and everyone is very friendly and welcoming! I definitely recommend ZombieProof to anyone looking to get in great shape and have lots of fun!

    Spencer M.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    ZombieProof is an awesome place to learn self-defense and get in really good shape but it's also a great spot to meet people who are really nice and want the best for you. If you're looking for a martial arts school ZombieProof is definitely the place to go.

    Aaron L.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    I had the privilege today of stopping in to Zombie Proof with a few fellows from my club and training with the Kent and his crew. Great instruction, positive atmosphere, very well equipped club with good guys who have a lot of fun and solid Jiu Jitsu... can't wait to do it again. Thanks for having us in fellas. Oss!

    Sean B.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Zombieproof is an excellent way to get in shape and learn self-defense. The trainers are all great. I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids. The only thing questionable about Kent Peters is his man bun.

    Don V.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    I don't train here i live in truro but whenever i'm here at zombieproof i feel like i'm still at home, its my home away from home, friendly enviroment, people, and kent will treat you like his family as soon as you walk threw that door #Teamotherguysinceday1 #NoBrainsForYou

    Isaiah B.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Just wanted to give a shoutout to Kent and the rest of the team at ZombieProof for the awesome job they are doing with their summer day camp. My son absolutely loves it!! He actually wants to sign up for more days than we originally decided!!

    Amanda R.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    When I first joined ZombieProof, I was an out of shape, overweight, and uncoordinated person. I weighed over 270 pounds. Since then, I've shrunk as ZombieProof grew. I've lost over 65 pounds training at ZombieProof alone. Kent Peters not only helps you with training martial arts, he also cares very much about all his students. It was with his help that I lost a vast amount of weight and improved my life significantly. I wouldn't trade the experience I've had at ZombieProof for any sum of money. The weight I've lost and the family and confidence I've gained are priceless. If you want to significantly improve your life, I suggest joining ZombieProof immediately.

    Dave C.
  • Martial Arts Sydney

    Great people and a great environment, it's easy to fit right in, and there's not a more enjoyable way to get/stay fit and in shape. There's so much to gain and nothing to lose by trying it. Honestly, everyone should be doing this.

    Matthew J.

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